Solid Gold 貓乾糧

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Solid Gold Feline Adult Grain Free (Fish) 素力高無穀物(成貓)鱈魚低卡乾貓糧12lbs


Solid Gold 素力高無穀物鱈魚低卡乾貓糧Solid Gold Fit as a Fiddle™ With Alaskan Pollock低脂肪低卡路里,能有效控制體重,適合運動量低、需要修身及保持體重的貓隻採用野生捕獲鱈魚,含豐富Omega 3&6,有助改善皮膚、毛皮及心臟健康問題野生鱈魚容易消化,適合腸胃過敏的貓隻Butterball. Meatloaf. Pet names are endearing, but extra weight is no laughing matter when it comes to your cat’s health. This grain and gluten free weight control recipe is nutr..

Solid Gold Feline All-Life-Stage (Chicken) 素力高(全貓)抗敏雞肉乾貓糧12lbs


Solid Gold 素力高 無穀物 抗敏貓糧Solid Gold Indigo Moon® With ChickenSolid Gold  無穀物抗敏貓糧提供高蛋白質、低碳水化合物的無穀物配方,特別適合對穀物敏感之貓貓食用。Grain & Gluten FreeHigh-Protein Chicken Meal & Fresh ChickenTaurine to Support Overall Body FunctionProduced in USA FacilitiesIngredients 成分雞肉,馬鈴薯,油菜籽油(用混合生育酚保存),豌豆,雞肉,海洋魚粉,幹雞蛋,天然香料,氯化膽鹼,氯化鉀,牛磺酸,DL-甲硫氨酸,鮭魚油(用混合生育酚保存)菊苣根..

Solid Gold Feline All-Life-Stage 素力高(全貓)乾貓糧12lbs


Solid Gold 素力高 全年齡貓糧Solid Gold Katz-N-Flocken® With LambSolid Gold 全年齡貓糧含豐富魚類氨基酸,對貓貓的眼睛及心臟很好。而且含鎂量低,可有效減少糞便石狀結晶之形成及預防膀胱結石及腎結石。 用於高蛋白質的草飼養的羊羔全麥糙米和珍珠大麥健康消化牛磺酸支持整體身體功能在美國生產If your cat could pronounce it, they’d ask for this food by name. This recipe is inspired by our founder, Sissy McGill, and is packed with grass-fed lamb for high-density ..

Solid Gold Feline Grain Free 素力高無穀物(室內雞肉)乾貓糧6lbs


Solid Gold 素力高室內無穀物雞肉 貓糧Solid Gold Let’s Stay In™ Indoor Cat With Chicken高纖維促進健康消化,並有助消化系統運作,減少貓貓腸胃中毛球的堆積優化卡路里和脂肪,幫助成年貓保持理想的體重奧米加脂肪酸,保持皮膚和毛髮的健康20種營養豐富的超級食物和雞肉無穀物&無麩質,無添加馬鈴薯High fiber promotes healthy digestion & helps reduce the occurrence of hairballs by moving the hair through the digestive systemOptimized calories and fat to help adult cats ..

Solid Gold Feline Kitten Grain Free 素力高無穀物(幼貓)乾貓糧6lbs


Solid Gold 素力高特級護理幼貓乾貓糧Solid Gold Touch of Heaven™ With Chicken配方專為幼貓而設,均衡營養及優質蛋白提供肌肉生長所需加入DHA 幫助腦部發展100%美國農場雞肉,優質脂肪及精益蛋白質提供更穩定能量補給亦適合剛生產完的貓媽媽或需護理補身的貓隻Cuddle monster. Cutie Pie. Precious gift. Something this adorable must be heaven-sent. Formulated for kittens, this balanced recipe boasts high-density lean protein to help build strong muscles,..

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